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 . . Roy Chow Lam Fai Kuen Official summary: The director of the District Magistrate's Office Yung Wing (Sammo) is famous for his luxurious tea drinking habit. But Yung, who drinks all day, . . . . . . has been very productive as well. He catches up on sleep when he is exhausted and has a compassionate heart. When Yung finds himself involved in a dangerous case, he promises to take care of his subordinates, including the unlucky Inspector Chang Lung (Chingmy Yau). However, the following morning, when he wakes up and is shocked by the reality, he is told that the inspector has been killed. Yung Wing is also forced to work hard because of his promise. And he realizes that he has a lot to learn from the inspector. . . . . .Category: Crime Drama Director: Jing Wong, Sammo Kam-Bo HungWriter: Louis Cha, Jing WongStars: Jet Li, Man Cheung, Chingmy YauSummary: A wild and rollicking . . . . . . Luen Song Keung Ping Official summary: The late night helper Luen is in the middle of a conflict with his boss. To improve his employee relations, the head of the police station secretly sends Yung Wing to help Luen solve his problem. Yung Wing then meets a young police inspector by the name of Chang Lung (Chingmy Yau). Chang Lung is . . . . . . . . . . very clever and has a lot of experience. Yung Wing observes Chang Lung very closely and finds that Chang has great potential. Yung promises to let Chang work for him as soon as possible. On the other hand, Luen’s boss wants to promote him. The boss needs Luen to promote him to fill his vacancy. Luen is reluctant to promote the boss but he has no choice. Luen desperately tries to do so, but the situation is not going well. Yung Wing suggests that Luen ask Chang to secretly promote him. Chang agrees to help.Category: Action and Adventure Director: Jet Li, Sammo Kam-Bo HungWriter: Louis Cha, Jing WongStars: Jet Li, Man Cheung, Chingmy YauSummary: A wild and rollicking . . . . .




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Jet Li Enforcer 720p Torrent

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